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Ya’ax Ché Spa is a luxurious destination, known for word-class spa treatments, balancing therapies, and signature rituals. With locations in Cancun and Riviera Maya, you are never far from total pampering and relaxation.



Ya’ax Ché Spa combines ancient healing practices with modern technology and techniques.  Inspired by the Maya, Ya’ax Ché Spa evolved from Mesoamerican roots. The term “ya’ax ché” means Ceiba tree or green tree in Mayan. To the Maya, this was a sacred tree and represented the tree of life. From traditional spa treatments to Mayan-inspired treatments designed to restore complete well-being through a combination of therapy options, such as relaxing massages, signature rituals, facials, and more, Yaax che is determined to deliver the most relaxing experience to each guest.

The mission of Ya’ax Ché Spa is simple: achieving harmony and balance through complete wellness. This starts by creating an atmosphere of comfort and relaxation that encourages peace and tranquility, so health and vitality can return to each person.

Ya’ax Ché Spa’s services focus on wellness achieved through inner balance of physical, mental, and spiritual energy, through outer balance with others, nature, and the universe. Spa treatments are designed to reestablish this connection with nature, the universe, and ourselves in order to rebalance the body, mind, and spirit for total well-being. The spa environment enhances this process by using therapeutic colors and natural elements to reinforce a deeper connection with nature and increase perception of the five senses.

With an array of body treatments, signature rituals, massage options, balancing therapies, facials, nail and hair services, there is something for everyone to indulge in. Ya’ax Ché Spa has several locations located in some of the most exclusive resorts in Cancun and Riviera Maya. Ya’ax Ché Spa can be experienced at the following resorts in Cancun: Sunset Marina Resort and Yacht Club, Sunset Royal Beach Resort, Laguna Suites Golf and Spa, and Ocean Spa Hotel. And Hacienda Tres Ríos in the Riviera Maya.