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Although all of Ya’ax Ch√© Spa’s regional and Mayan-inspired treatments aim to reestablish balance of the body, mind, and spirit, the following spa therapies focus primarily on balancing itself to achieve synchronization more rapidly, resulting in accelerated improvements.

Since the Mayans believe that pain results from a lack of physical, mental, and spiritual balance, these extraordinary therapies target the reduction of stress, tension, and discomfort through the use of various natural elements combined with traditional and regional massage techniques.

Move closer to complete wellness and get results that you notice!

Balancing Therapies Description Duration
Ya¬īax Ch√© Origin

($120 USD)

(Hot stones) - Obsidian has been considered to be a magical, protecting and curing element since pre-Hispanic times, related to more the element earth. Its colour and shine contrasts with the other crystals, thus obtaining its own curative value. It increases blood circulation and cell metabolism in the treated areas, offering deep muscular relaxation and calming pain.hide 80 min
Zone therapy

($95 USD)

(Reflexology, head, hands and feet) РReflexology is based on the principle that the extremities are divided into more zones where all body organs are reflected. Thus, through this massage or pressure on those points, therapeutic or simply relaxing effects can be obtained in the entire organism.hide 55  min
Natural love

($360 USD)

(Under the moonlight on the beach, massage for couples) - Recharge your batteries under the moonlight, arouse love and romance and find the perfect balance between more yourself and your partner by the sea. Enjoy our exclusive massage for two, achieving a feeling of wellbeing and health, leaving behind the stress of daily life. hide 60 min

*Rates may vary based on location.