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Ya’ax ChĂ© Spa’s Mayan-inspired body treatments are as important to physical, mental, and spiritual balance as are food, water, and air. These wellness-enhancing treatments offer more than just visible benefits; they support overall health by assisting the body’s organic processes naturally using marine salts, essential oils, aromatherapy, and acupressure.

The body treatments at Ya’ax ChĂ© Spa vary from exfoliation and hydration to detoxification and nourishment, each offering unique benefits for a particular condition or problem. Traditional and regional techniques are combined to relieve muscle pain and tension, reduce fluid retention and skin inflammation, assist in weight and cellulite control, and stimulate metabolism and detoxification.

Discover extraordinary body treatments that result in both internal and external improvements!

Body Treatments Description Duration
The Earth’s Riches

($120 USD)

(Antioxidant, mud)- Mud therapy is an ancient technique which joins two elements, earth and water, as curing methods. It consists of more applying a certain amount of clay on the skin, and leaving it there until it becomes completely dry. When the clay is taken off you will notice an immediate hydrating effect and a visible improvement in your skin’s texture. hide 90 min
Cleopatra’s Bath

($120 USD)

(Hydrating) - Milk has a high content of proteins, vitamins, amino acids and a natural antioxidant known as more retinol which accelerates the collagen production process, maintaining the skin’s firmness and elasticity; it maintains the cells’ hydration by forming a continuous elastic film on the skin’s surface. The milk acts by tensing and renewing the tissues. hide 90 min
Merlot Wrap

($120 USD)

(Wine therapy) - This treatment is both delicate and soft and helps hydrate the skin while reinforcing the immune defences. It is a more purifying and relaxing wrap which helps refine your skin’s texture. Wine therapy begins with a massage of grape seed oil, to relieve stress, followed by a body wrap of red vine to rejuvenate it by taking advantage of its antioxidant properties, which simultaneously stimulate and protect the whole circulatory system. hide 90 min
Mayan Secret

($120 USD)

(Detoxifying, reductive, anticellulite) - Discover your balance by purifying and detoxifying your body while at the same time preventing more flab, reducing cellulite, stimulating the lymphatic system, improving blood circulation and giving shape to the body in a natural way with this wrap made of natural products from the region. hide 90 min
Extreme Charm

($115 USD)

(Signature Treatment / Body Wrap)- An incredible and sophisticated fusion of the finest and the most exotic spices. Resins and woods bring harmony to you senses and improve circulation, removing more dead cells leaving softness and vitality to your skin. Particles of bamboo along with poppy seeds and fine brown nut rind, ginger, cinnamon and cardamom for a rich exfoliation followed by a silk body wrap and oriental aromatherapy that seduce your senses.hide 60 min
Body Sensitivity

($120 USD)

(Aloe and Cream Wrap)- Aloe vera was discovered by the most ancient cultures and known in Latin America; its origin can be traced back to the warm and dry climates of North Africa. References have been more found showing that it was a product used by the Egyptians and Sumerians. The aloe vera leaf has been used as a medicinal agent and cosmetic for thousands of years. It has therapeutic properties which are hydrating, healing, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, cell renewing, calming, toning and revitalizing. Wrap yourself in sensitivity and take advantage of the benefits this treatment can offer you. hide 60 min


(Temazcalli)- The temazcalli is an ancient purification ritual; a detoxifying steam bath presided over by a chamán or native doctor. It consists of 4 periods during which red hot volcanic rocks are placed in the more center of an adobe igloo, a structure known as a temazcalli. Medicinal plants such as aloe vera and rosemary are used in the water for this ritual. As the hot rocks are placed, the steam and temperature increase, while the chamán sings and plays native instruments. This incredible journey ends with a refreshing bath in the cenote and time for relaxation to achieve the balance of mind, body and spirit. At the start an introduction to the ritual is offered which ends with a tea and seasonal fruits. hide 120 min

*Rates may vary based on location.