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A balanced body, mind, and spirit are reflected in a person’s appearance, which means skin care is important to skin health, not just skin’s outer appeal. The major benefits of routine facials are not only external. They also help improve the body’s immunity and detoxification, and reduce fluid retention and stress.

Ya’ax ChĂ© Spa’s aestheticians offer traditional and Mayan-inspired facials as part of a complete wellness program. These inspiring skin care treatments include the use of natural regional elements not found elsewhere to gently deep cleanse, exfoliate, nourish, hydrate the skin, and regenerate skin cells.

Awaken to new levels of skin care health that leave you looking and feeling refreshed!

Facials Description Duration
Sport Facial

($160 USD)

(All types of skin / Exclusively for Gentlemen) – A restoring facial exclusively for men; it acts against facial fatigue due to smog, climate changes and more stress. Vitamin C, wheat, olive and birch extracts are applied to maintain firmness, hydration and a luminous appearance in the skin.hide 80 min
Balancing Facial

($95 USD)

(Balancing Facial) - Facial which includes exfoliation to remove imperfections, allowing a reduction of sebaceous secretions in the skin, closing the pores more, toning and giving a glow to the face. Hydrating water is used for grease control and a purifying cream is applied to reveal a clean and moisturized face. hide 90 min
Sensitive Facial

($95 USD)

(Young skins, all types of skin sensitive and delicate)- Helps to counteract the effects of free radicals and renew dead cells. It provides more vitamins and minerals which nourish and hydrate the skin leaving it with a healthy, fresh look.hide 60 min
Multivitamin Facial

($120 USD)

(Oxygenizing and anti-spots, vitamin C) - Stimulates the synthesis of collagen and elastin to improve the elasticity and firmness of the skin, more keeping it hydrated, glowing and protected. Reduces expression lines, neutralizes the effect of free radicals and stops the cutaneous photo-aging process by UV radiation. Its active concentration in the tissue forms a protective barrier against UVA and UVB rays, through an active mechanism which is different from a sun block, thus renewing the skin. hide 60 min
Black Pearls Facial

($140 USD)

(Revitalizing) - You will find all the benefits of black pearls in a facial wrap that covers your face with beautiful more reflections while at the same time it fights dehydration, sagging skin and fatigue.  Immediately the skin looks smooth and radiant. It may include a light extraction when necessary. hide 60 min
Hydrating Facial

($95 USD)

(Deep cleansing, dry skin) - Ideal for dry and dehydrated skins. A basic cleansing facial, with the application more of a mask for this type of skin. A protein concentrate is used to return energy and vitality to tired and dehydrated skin. hide 60 min
Signature Anti age Facial

($180 USD)

An exclusive professional program  inspired by the latest advances in plastic surgery that works on one of the most visible more signs of skin ageing: expression lines and wrinkles. It relaxes facial micro-tensions and stops expression lines from becoming deeper. It improves the skin’s suppleness and firmness. Visibly fades away the depth and length of wrinkles. hide 90 min
Ya’ax Ché Facial

($95 USD)

(100% natural normal/dry skin) - A completely natural facial with vegetable extracts that allows cell renewal, cleanses and tones the skin and offers more deep hydration without a greasy sensation. Their actives are rich in vitamins D and E which stimulate the formation of collagen and make a good balm for the skin.hide 60 min

*Rates may vary based on location.