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Every now and then you should do something special for yourself. Take a long walk on a beach at sunset, treat yourself out to a nice meal, or enjoy a relaxing day at our spa allowing yourself to be pampered from head to toe. If you don’t happen to have all day but would still like to have a treatment that will leave your skin looking better than ever and will relax you as well then discover our specialty wraps.  Designed to treat all different types of skins and problems, we promise you will feel luxurious and spoiled after an afternoon with one of our wraps.



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Do you love red wine? So does your skin! This exfoliating wrap removes dead skin revealing a new layer of skin followed by a red wine mask that is rich in antioxidents.  Red wine helps fight free radicals and ageing by restoring collagen and elastic fibers. This wrap is also perfect to help fight acne and clear your pores as well as prevent further breakouts.


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If you’ve been feeling stressed and overworked lately then this is the perfect wrap for you.  Our Spearmint wrap acts against muscle cramps relaxing the muscles and , eliminate insomnia as well as reduce anxiety and nervous tension allowing you to sleep better at night. Lack of sleep and loads of stress can also bring on migraines and headaches which, you guessed it, can also be alleviated by this wrap as well.


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As you enter the room the Lavender and Rosemary aroma will have you feeling relaxed already. But the actual wrap itself can help a with a list of things, Lavender has energizing, antiseptic, antioxidant and skin protecting properties while  Rosemary contains a high level of antioxidants that strengthen the effects of the lavender.  Did we mention you’ll leave smelling amazing as well?


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This wrap is like being bundled in a cloud that just happens to smell delicious and and will do your skin some good too. This relaxing and aromatic wrap uses the benefits of vanilla, strawberries and oatmeal to hydrate and regenerate the skin leaving you looking and feeling younger, brighter, and refreshed.



Who doesn’t want to just bathe in chocolate? The chocolate frees substances such as endorphins and serotonins that provide a sensation of overall well-being and happiness. They also help your skin, especially your feet, by preventing and alleviating dry skin.  That’s one sweet wrap!


If you’re ready to experience and enjoy any of these wraps then we suggest you reserve your appointment now!