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The signature rituals at Ya’ax Ch√© Spa are not your typical spa services. These unusual and delightful treatments incorporate centuries of known Mayan, Aztec, and other Mesoamerican healing practices which contribute to physical, mental, and spiritual wellness.

A variety of conditions can improve from the effects of signature rituals which incorporate regional, natural elements and practices, resulting in the skin’s increased nourishment, smoothness, firmness, and hydration and the body’s improved relaxation, circulation, detoxification, and rejuvenation.

Explore our signature rituals below, and see what we can do for you!

Signature Ritual Description Duration
Mayan Gods Ritual

($160 USD)

(Detoxifying) - Cocoa Ritual, this unique and exquisite wrap is rich in vitamins E and A; it acts as a barrier that maintains a more high level of humidity in your skin and helps it to recover its natural radiance and freshness. Cocoa seeds are rich in linoleic acid, one of the main components that help to maintain a healthy skin. This ritual allows you detoxify every part of your body, creating a restorative effect. Includes a body scrub with natural cocoa extracts and cocoa oil, cocoa mask and chocolate cream application. hide 80 min.
Marine Elements Ritual

($160 USD)

(Mineral Wrap) - Innovative treatment based on the application of marine mud that detoxifies problem areas of the body, improving the skin tone, activates more metabolic functions and enhances circulation. The powerful action of their active ingredients reduces the orange appearance and improves the quality of the skin. This treatment is not recommended for people with a hyperthyroid condition. hide 80 min.
Ya’ax Ché Ritual

($190 USD)

(Purifying) - In this ritual the ancestral cultures teach us how to use spirulina algae, which contains vitamins and minerals and protect more the organism and prevent signs of premature aging, to make you look and feel well. Experience the benefits of heat wraps: muscular and mental relaxation, elimination of toxins and excess water in the muscles. Included: heat wrap with spirulina algae, copal incense purification in the room, body bath and the application of purifying cream. hide 80 min.
O’olkil Magical Ritual

($190 USD)

(100% Natural) – Honey has been used by the Mayans since pre-Hispanic times as a medicinal product, combined with more vanilla and spices; it is sweet, aromatic, and rich in vitamin A. This natural ritual which combines hydration, cell renewal and toning, guarantees increased beauty of the face and body by reducing expression lines, resulting in soft, smooth skin. The treatment includes body exfoliation consisting of vanilla extract, bamboo particles, poppy seeds, and fine brown nut rind, ginger, cinnamon, and cardamom, plus a body mask and mini-facial of honey and natural fruit oils for hydration.hide 80 min.
Yaa’ Kun Ritual

($210 USD)

(Couples or Honeymooners) - Almost all ancient cultures used aromatic baths and practiced primitive forms of aromatherapy; the use of fragrances was an more important part of their lives. This treatment was created so that you and your partner can enjoy our exquisite salts, obtaining countless revitalizing benefits for the cosmetic care of your skin, hair and body in general. An exclusive ritual which is totally romantic and includes: a room decorated with rose petals, an amenity consisting of seasonal fruits and two glasses of white wine, while you enjoy a bath tub of delicious salts after having received your relaxing massage. hide 90 min.

*Rates may vary based on location.